Professional OEM Manufacturer of off-grid Inverters

  Professional OEM Manufacturer of off-grid Inverters


OEM Communication

Firstly we would like to discuss with the client about all OEM details, including inverters application, power, wave, AC outlets as well as the shelf color.The PC manager and engineers will check up any possiblilities and provide professional advices meanwhile.Then an OEM plan will be drawn up with all those cusotmized requests and a formal file will be set up for easily follow up.

Application: household appliances / office equipments / power tools etc.
Power: 500w / 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 2500w / 3000w / 4000w / 5000w
Aluminium Color: blue / golden / pink / yellow / green or any color according to Pantone collection.
AC Outlets: international / EU / GE / AU outlets etc
Wave: modified sine wave / pure sine wave


Sample Model Made

The engineer designs circuit board according to customized requests and it usually takes two days.

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